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We at French Marine Motors believe that the test of time is the ultimate proof of quality. Yanmar has undergone many changes in its 100 year history. The company was originally founded in 1912 by Yamaoka Magokichi in Osaka, Japan. From very humble beginnings, the Yamaoka Engine Workshop has growna in reputation and now under its new banner, Yanmar Limited, has become globally renowned for the reliability and construction quality of its marine engines. 

 As a family run business also from humble beginnings, we at French Marine Motors share the same business ethos as Yamaoka Magokichi, when he founded his workshop all those years ago. The longevity of the company is testament to its design awareness and customer care. Yanmar now build and supply engines for vast oceangoing vessels, as well as bang up to date JH-CR fuel injected engines for the smaller boat. That's why we stock and install Yanmar marine engines throughout the U.K and further afield.